Ravensbourne Catchment Partnership

The River Ravensbourne catchment & Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group (RCIG)

Located in south east London, the River Ravensbourne has 41 miles (66km) of rivers and streams, serving a total catchment area of 111 square miles (180km²). Rising from spring sources at Keston, Locksbottom and Croydon, the river Ravensbourne and its tributaries the Rivers Pool, Quaggy and Kid Brook flow through the London Boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham, Croydon and Greenwich, eventually joining the River Thames at Deptford. As a tributary of the River Thames, the River Ravensbourne forms part of the Thames River Basin District.


The Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group

Our partnership work is led by the Ravensbourne Catchment Improvement Group (or RCIG), which formed in 2012 in order to represent a wide range of local stakeholders with a shared interest in improving the whole River Ravensbourne system to benefit local people and water-dependent wildlife.

The RCIG  meets regularly throughout the year to share information and build knowledge about sustainable water and river management and identify opportunities to improve local river sites across the whole Ravensbourne catchment.

Our overall vision for the catchment is to improve the rivers and to provide wider benefits for people and nature at a catchment scale.

Click here to see the Ravensbourne catchment plan

What we do

To progress our action plan we focus on championing, fundraising and developing projects across the whole Ravensbourne catchment that will help to improve:

  • Habitats and wildlife resilience, by improving water quality and reducing non-native invasive species;
  • Greater access to the network of rivers, streams and wetlands within the interconnected Ravensbourne-Pool-Quaggy catchment;
  • Public perception and awareness of environmental pressures and opportunities for improvements;
  • Flood storage and resilience, to reduce the risks of flooding to homes and businesses;
  • Collection of data and evidence, including citizen science, to record changes over time;
  • Opportunities for positive changes through planning and development.

Current Projects

The River Ravensbourne has a long history of river restoration, improvement projects partnership working and citizen science. Ongoing projects include:

  • 3 Rivers Clean Up – an annual three week programme with partners delivering numerous volunteer events around the catchment to manage invasive species.
  • Quaggy Links – a collaborative vision, led by the Quaggy Waterways Action Group, for improvements in river habitats and biodiversity, and access to the River Quaggy between Chinbrook Meadows and Sutcliffe Park.
  • Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (RMI) – a community run citizen science initiative monitoring pollution-sensitive freshwater invertebrates.
  • Thames Catchment Community Eels Project – a partnership project, led by the Thames Rivers Trust with funding from the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund, mapping the barriers to the upstream migration of the European eel in the Brent and Ravensbourne Catchments, which produced Fish Migration Roadmaps for both catchments and allowed the strategic prioritisation of barriers for future eel migration improvement projects.

Find out about more of our projects on the Ravensbourne Catchment Action Plan.

The Ravensbourne Catchment Partnership network

The Ravensbourne catchment partnership includes local authorities, NGOs, water companies and local community groups. Some of the key catchment partners are:

Thames21 (CaBA catchment partnership host)

The Environment Agency

London Borough of Bromley  

London Borough of Greenwich  

London Borough of Lewisham  

Thames Water 

London Wildlife Trust 

Friends of Bromley Town Parks

Friends of Sutcliffe Park

Friends of the River Pool

Quaggy Waterways Action Group

The Creekside Discovery Centre

Contact us

If you would like to get involved with the river Ravensbourne, have questions or project ideas we’d love to hear from you. Contact Lucy Shuker